We offer State-of-the-art Systems

We specialize in the installation of high quality camera systems produced by FLIR, giving your company eyes in the dark that are unparalleled by any other camera systems.

Our Goal

ND Defense is a full service security company offering both physical and virtual security solutions under one roof. We believe that not only does your facility require security but so does your companies critical business data. Data that if lost could cause your business to close its doors until you work out all the paperwork.

The company was formed out of a direct need for security services in Pahrump, Nevada and is gaining traction more and more each day as clients hear about our services.

We are a Woman and Native American Owned business with decades of experience in physical and virtual security.

About Us

Who we are

We are a team of highly trained individuals with decades of experience in Physical and Virtual Security.

We specialize in Department of Defense security planning and deployment of systems using the "Security In-Depth" approach.

We develop a plan with the client.

We implement Security procedures and train your employees.

We then support your security setup and policies with continual "Check-ins".

Our strength within the team provides an all encompassing approach to the safety and security of your facility and its employees. Below you will find just a few of our strengths within the company.

Security Management 90%
System deployment 85%
Design and implementation90%
Continuing Education of Employees95%